Friday 22 March 2013

Penny Does a Runner: Part I

Well, your hearts ought to be pretty darn fond of me by now… sorry! I haven’t meant to neglect you or my poor little blog, honest: I’ve just been working, and writing (my sekrit novella), and pregnanting, and Facebooking... that thing is a dangerous time-scoffer-upper!

But I promised you something fun. So how about a silly new story about a girl (a beautiful blonde girl from England who is sweet and innocent and never bratty at all but who gets told off and spanked by horrid, mean grown-ups anyway) who runs away to join the circus?

Yay? Yay!

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with that girl sometimes, Meredith,” sighed Miss Pinchit to her colleague as they headed down the oak-panelled corridor. “It’s almost as if she enjoys being punished!”

“Oh, I quite agree, Dolores. She’s a terror – it’s a wonder the silly girl can sit at all!”

Well-used to the troublesome Fifth Former’s antics though the teachers were, nothing could have prepared them for the sight that greeted them upon opening the door to the teachers’ lounge: the very girl they had just been discussing, tottering perilously on a chair in an apparent act of burglary!

“HASLER!” cried Miss Pinchit in outrage. “WHAT are you doing, you little hoodlum?”

Thrown off-balance at being discovered, Penny grasped wildly at whatever lay in reach to keep herself from falling – and sent a vase of flowers crashing to the floor!

“Oh! M-Miss Pinchit!”
stammered the blushing youth, an all-too-familiar sinking feeling in her stomach telling her that she was in serious trouble.



  1. Penny,

    You need to be spanked young lady.


  2. Pregnanting is a difficult task indeed. A really long one too!

    And... uh oh, Penny! Is there another door to escape from?

  3. I don't know, pao - I haven't thought about what happens next yet! ;D

  4. Run, Penny, run! I see a window :D

  5. You know, I think I will. Thanks!

  6. “It’s almost as if she enjoys being punished!”

    Well, now, that's just silly. ;)

    I hope your pregnanting and writing are both coming along nicely.


  7. a good spanking will do the trick you thieving brat


  8. Hugs, TFD! :)

    Ner ner rasp, Timmy! :P

  9. Now there's a chance ! It was only earlier, that The Head, Miss Squeezem had remarked to Dolores and Meredith, how good a story-teller and writer young sugar-coated Hasler was. And all her apostrophies perfect. Just so pretty perfect. Impeccable apostrophies apiece. Just as well, as Hasler had once given a stern, if erudite grammatical lesson on apostrophies; and pupils might want to see tables turned. And indeed the earnest Miss Hasler over-turned: getting her fairest bare botty thwacked with the thin, rattan cane. And there's no way that's going to happen. No way :) ...Strict Uncles narrative, oops I mean Uncles'. Sorry, I do mean Uncle's at last.

  10. ooh Penny... she is a naughty young lady.
    next scene, next scene!
    I can't wait!
    Happy pregnanting.:)
    don't forget the prenatal vit's :)

  11. Aw, thanks Katie! :)

    I've got the vitamins covered, don't worry xoxo

  12. Jeez you're adorable! Naughty creature.

  13. This is my first visit to your blog & I'm so glad I made the voyage over here. What a treat! Now I'm on to the next installment!

  14. :D I like Sophie.

    Glad you like it, Corinne!

    And yes, my apostrophes are always perfect, Strict Uncle. Never any mistake's here, no sir!