Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Facebook 3: Penny gives in

You know that thing I said, not once but twice, about not being on Facebook? Well, forget it cos now I am. On it.

As with most things, it’s Ana’s fault.

If you are on Facebook and would like to ‘friend’ me, go right ahead! Just bear in mind that (as far as I can tell) there are a few Penelope Haslers on there. At the time of writing I’m the one with this profile picture:

Because nothing says ‘adult professional’ to the world like a photo of your butt in pink Kermit pants.


  1. Very cute pink Kermit pants.

    My wife loves Facebook, but I am just to busy on blogger.


  2. Thanks, Joey! I bet everyone's got a pair really.

    Facebook is a bit hectic and confusing to me still, but I'm sure I'll work it out eventually. It seems quite compulsive, which is a worry!


  3. it should be easy to find you on facebook wearing nice pink pants like that.

  4. I sooo am getting a pair. But in blue, to bring out my eyes, in case anyone looks up from my fabulous Kermie bottom.

  5. :) Aw Sophie, you're so cute. And you have exquisite taste in undergarments!

    I hope it is, Anon - it might become less so if the Kermie-pant-profile-pic paradigm catches on.

  6. Those are adorable and amazing!

  7. Is that your Facebook picture, sweetie? I think it's nicer than most, darling.

  8. Per Kermit, if you remember his newscaster character on Sesame Street: "Another fast breaking news story! Penelope's bottom is beginning to hotten on Facebook!"

    I could also quote him, waving his arms in the air about being against your bottom: "Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyeee!!!!!" My dog's nickname (who's real name is Lolita) is "Muppet," so yeah. Awesome.


  9. Thank you, Aunty! :D *hug* My page also has a giant zoomed-in photo of my peepers, cos I'm vain. Might put one of Doggie up instead. ;)

    lol Abby! Your comment really made me smile :) Kermit the roving reporter is just so cute. lol at the thought of him reporting on my butt!

    Aww, 'Muppet'. :) Please give her a stroke from me! xo

  10. Love the Kermit pants. Sooo firey red too. Did they come with a matching hairbrush Princess ? ;) Strict Uncle

  11. Very cute. If this profile pic catches on, will they have to rename it Buttbook? :)


  12. Hello, Ms. Kermit pants :D I have finally reached your bloggy kingdom!

  13. Thanks, Strict Uncle! They are a nice shade, aren't they?

    Thanks, TFD :) xx

    Hi pao! :) Nice to have you here. Please make yourself comfortable and feel free to browse the bookshelves. There are snacks and a nice assortment of paddles ;)