Friday, 16 March 2012

Facebook (again)

I posted on this subject last year, but just to reiterate (as my blog had approximately one reader back then): I am not on Facebook. Not in the slightest, most fleetingly ethereal sense. It's just not my sort of thing.

Whereas this, as I'm sure you know, is my sort of thing.

I mention this because there is a Penelope Hasler on FB, but – as they say in the movies – any likeness is entirely coincidental. (And there isn't much likeness, to be honest...)

So don't send her any naughty messages! Send them to meee instead! (Unless you happen to be a friend of the 'other' PH, that is. Send whatever messages you like to her in that case) x


  1. Your blog may have had only one reader back then ; but i am confident that come another year penelope you will be up there with the best of blogs; you truly are an inspired imaginative writer.

    Correction Man.

  2. :)

    Thank you! I am really glad that you enjoy my scribblings; kind words like yours give me confidence and encourage me to write more.

    I'm always happy to gain new readers, but I'd keep writing even if I still only had one. From the start I've thought that if I make just one person's day a bit better then I'm doing something worthwhile.

    The importance of a growing audience (as far as I can see) is what it represents: that people with similar interests have found somewhere to come together and interact, forming a kind of community that enhances each individual's experience. And that's far more about my readers than it is me!

  3. You already have lots of confidence Penelope because you have had the courage to start your own blog and actualy present it for others to view and judge. Far easier to just sit in the background write and keep things in private were no bad press can be given; so it takes character to step out in front of a viewing public and actualy present your writings in the way you have .And from what i myself have seen you have a very fertile imaginative and astute mind especialy in the field you have chosen to write about and your attention to detail seems very efficient indeed.From the comments you have currently received from those visiting your blog you should be very encouraged and optimistic indeed. And BRAVO to your comments about if i only had one reader who was happy then i would keep writing knowing that one person was a happy person, very unselfish indeed Penelope are those particular comments; and something that is sadly lacking in this sometimes very selfish world of today.So may you continue in your venture and may it go from strength to strength as i am sure it will *after all from small acorns do large oak trees grow*.

    Correction Man