Sunday, 18 March 2012

Victoria Azarenka is a bitch!

I'm upset. :(

Maria Sharapova has just lost the final of a big tournament pretty heavily to Victoria Azarenka (booo). That bitch beat her in the Australian Open final as well, and Maria hasn't taken a set off her in five matches now.

You're still the best in my book, Maria. And the hottest xxx

And if I ever run into that little cow Azarenka I'll make her good and sorry! *does best tiger grrr*


  1. You may wish to save your energy. The loss is going to make Miss S very cross in gym class, so I strongly advise you against any horse-play in the showers, since your teacher clearly is NOT in the mood!

  2. Oh... I hadn't thought of that. I wouldn't want a spanking from her when she's cross.

    I'll just have to make sure to be a good girl and do my very best in class for her! And keep my gaze firmly on the floor in the shower afterward. No matter how much my naughty classmates try to get my attention...

  3. Good idea. Because I have a feeling HER gaze will be firmly on YOU.