Saturday, 17 March 2012

I wandered lonely as a brat

I really like writing poetry. It's a beautiful, song-like means of expression, with an endless array of possibilities (one of which is, of course, humour). I'll have to try writing something serious at some point, should time ever allow.

I might even make a poetry post a regular-ish thing. It's a shame that there isn't a day of the week that begins with 'P' (at least not in English), as then I could give it a snazzy alliterative name.

Anyway, 'Poetry Paturday' or not, I humbly present for your delectation, titillation, and (most probably) consternation, another silly limerick. *curtseys*

A Little Girl Pleads

“Oh, please can I play with your cock?
It’s so big, and as hard as a rock!”
When Daddy said oui,
She giggled with glee
And sucked ‘til he came on her frock.


  1. If you leave THAT poem on the chalkboard, the teacher will be seeing you after class, young lady!

  2. *Penny quickly signs it at the bottom*

  3. Miss Penelope, I have to confess I laughed when I read your naughty ditty on the blackboard! However I quickly pulled myeslf together ,as I am a senior master,and responsible for maintaining discipline in the Upper school!
    You kindly made my task easier by signing your disgraceful poem! That it displays such intimate knowledge of male anatomy is alarming!
    I am therefore obliged to add you to the dention list for a whole week ,including Saturday attendance!
    You will receive a sound spanking and four strokes of the cane each day.On Saturday it will be 10 strokes of the cane!
    Kent, Senior Master

  4. A week of detentions! Oh! But..!

    N-no Sir, I wasn't answering back, Sir, I...

    A spanking for my cheek right now? Awww... :(

  5. I do beleave the poet William Wordsworth would be frightfully shocked penelope after reading your entries ,and so am i and you deserve nothing less than a very long and sound OTK bare bottomed spanking to insure any further commenting of this nature is certainly long and far between.

    Correction Man.

  6. Oh dear... all these big strict men queueing up to punish me for my silly little poem :(

    I definitely won't write another on the board... certainly not after Correction Man has thoroughly tanned my bare little bottom!

    *grins mischievously*

  7. Ha Ha HA penelope i do beleave you must of been hiding behind the blackboard you wrote your poem on to have replied so quickly to my comments . Normaly such punctual conduct would earn you top merits ; but in your deserving case only another caning after a well spanked bottom..Oh yes and do not forget my two tailed tawse also awaits naughty deserving young women.. And may i say thank you for recomending the excellent story forum you mentioned.

    Correction Man.

  8. Miss Penelope,I was taken aback when you started to argue over your first spanking in detention! Therefore and very reluctantly, I have decided that you will in future be spanked and caned on your bare bottom!
    I was too lenient in allowing you to wear shorts for the your spankings and canings!
    I might add for the record, that I take no pleasure in insisting you undress for your puishments ! However I can see it is vital to ensure you learn to behave decently and take your well earned punishment, without argument!
    Kent, Senior Master

  9. Awww...! *sad pout*

    Yes, Sir :(

  10. Is that a banana in your pocket, Sir?

    *flutters eyelashes innocently*

    I'm only bending over and taking my knickers down slowly in front of you, after all... and Sir has said that he takes no pleasure in such a sight...

    Oh my, it must be a very big banana... I've never seen such a big bulge!

    There... my naughty little bottom is completely bare and defenceless now, Sir. Should I step out of my knickers, or keep them round my feet? And would Sir like me to touch my toes or lower myself across his knee?

    You're not going to spank me too hard, are you Sir?

    *looks appealingly at Sir with her saddest doe eyes*

  11. How frivilous you are penelope flaunting yourself in that aluring manner, let us see how you react after 12 strokes of my cane have attended your well rounded bottom SWSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWHACKKKKKK

    Correction Man.