Sunday, 11 March 2012

Naughty little artist

I've just spent an enjoyable hour browsing the internet for spanking sites (a very naughty pastime, I know) and I would like to recommend a blog titled Red Rump Spanking Art to my readers. As you can see from the wonderful picture above, the blog's owner is a very talented illustrator. (He is also a very naughty boy who loves strict women and the spankings they deliver. Tut!) In addition to original femdom artwork, his site features tons of sexy retro photos and some really engaging writing. So check it out!

P.S. If you're reading this, Mr RR, I would be more than happy to give you exactly what you need xxx


  1. I was quite surprised when I went to your home the other day and found not Penny, but Penelope, who was very angry over my treatment of her alter ego.

    The new hairbrush I had brought with me was a formidable weapon, and I was soon crying, pleading, and begging to be good.

    Fortunately, remembering my previous post, Penny gave me a chance for a rest break between spankings...on my knees, with my head buried between her thighs.

    "Get that tounge up there, IRO! Show me that you've learned your place, or it's back over my knee!"

    Several alternating sessions left me tired, humiliated, and exhausted. When I left (minus my hairbrush, and my shorts, which were left behind as a trophy) Penelope, however, was laughing, and seemed as fresh as a daisy.

    Please consider this your pat on the head, and thank you for the comments on my stories on spanking library!

  2. You're quite welcome for the comments - your stories are really hot!

    And you're quite welcome for the long overdue spanking, naughty boy. Rest assured that I'll be keeping a close eye on your conduct from now on. And you'd better believe that, should your behaviour require it, I won't hesitate to put you over my knee and take the hairbrush to your squirming buns once more.

  3. Yeah, RedRump rocks. He's created some of the best F-M illos I've seen.

  4. Thanks for the offer, Penelope - I'll take you up on it if I ever get over to the UK (now I've got some incentive...)

  5. "I'm SO sorry, Aunt Penelope! I won't never be bad again, and I'll do everything you say, and always post on your forum, and get my stories done one time."

    IRO, covering himself with his hands as he stares at his shorts around his shoes, and hoping that his drippy "thing-y" won't stain Aunt Penny's wallpaper when he presses his nose in her corner.

  6. "You will be sorry if you don't put those naughty hands on your head this minute! I won't tell you again!"

    IRO's mumbling hesitation told Aunt Penelope that her work was far from done. Rising from her armchair and striding across the room to the trembling wretch in the corner, her tall heels clicking ominously on the wooden floor, she knew exactly what she would find when she inspected her naughty nephew.

    "Hands up. NOW." she commanded, her glossy red lips barely an inch from IRO's ear. The misbehaving male obeyed, a tiny whimper betraying his fearful reluctance.

    Aunt Penelope ran her delicate, feminine hand over her nephew's sore, red cheeks, elicting a new set of whimpers - of shame, or of pleasure? She had her answer when she slipped her hand round his waist and gave a feather touch to his manhood. Already impudently erect, it throbbed shamelessly at her touch.

    "You NAUGHTY, FILTHY little boy!" she cried. "How DARE you grow aroused at your punishment!"

    As outraged as she was, her fury grew still further when she ran her hand down his shaft and discovered a sticky, dripping head. This time she did not speak, but she did not need to: her gasp of shock and disgust spoke volumes.

    And without another word she took IRO by the ear and marched him back over to the punishment chair. "But-- I--!" he stammered, his words as jumbled as the shorts bunched round his feet. "Please, Auntie! I--"

    And in another few short moments he found himself back across his strict Aunt's knee, his hard cock pressed against her thigh, a thoroughly naughty boy held in place for a fresh hiding with her thick wooden hairbrush.

  7. Thank you for your comment by the way, RR! It's very kind of you to visit.

    And rest assured that I'll always keep a hairbrush on my dressing table and a spot available on my lap x

  8. "This is what happens..."


    "...when I catch you on the internet..."

    SPANK! "Playing with yourself as you read naughty spanking blogs!" SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

    I gasped as I felt the pressure building, for I was jerking on her lap with each swat. I drew my breath in, for I knew a mortifying accident was seconds away.

    As if sensing what was happening Aunt Penelope stopped and reached underneath me to grab my erect member. She used it to pull me away from her, so I was resting on the edge of her lap, with my penis nestled between her thighs, and the tip pointed towards the floor.

    "You'd better learn to control that little soldier of yours," Aunt Penelope scolded as she tapped my bottom with the brush. "One of the neighbor girls is taking a shop class at school, and I might well ask her to build you a harness, so we can keep you all locked up safe-and-sound so you don't get into mischief!"

    My gasp of horror was interrupted by a rapid valley of blistering SPANKS! I could feel her squeezing and relaxing her thighs with each spank, as my shaft rubbed against her bare leg with each stroke.

    Once again the pressure started building. But now at least, my little gun was pointed at the floor, and I wouldn't commit the unpardonable sin of staining her dress with my scum.

    But soon, even that comfort was dashed. "And don't you dare drip on my lineolium!" she scolded. "Because if you do, young man..."

    I gasped. Too late...