Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Learning the hard way

I suppose it’s my own fault really. I should have listened to the daily warnings in Assembly about the uniform rules, and the consequences for any girl caught breaking them…

I should have listened to Amanda, the Head Girl, when she told me to straighten my tie and tuck my blouse in…

I should have thought twice before putting sheer stockings on this morning, rather than the specified white kneesocks…

And skimpy, sky-blue cotton knickers, in place of those horrid, thick, bottle-green regulation ones…

But… how was I to know a uniform inspection was going to be done today? I hate this stupid school. It’s stuffy and old-fashioned and way too strict. I mean – imagine making a classful of girls stand and bend over their desks, skirts raised, right in the middle of English class, just so the Headmistress can check that they’re wearing the correct underwear! It’s just beastly!

And now I’m over Miss Harper’s knee in detention, my sky-blue cotton knickers round my ankles, my poor little bottom being smacked much too hard. It’s not fair! Stupid school, stupid uniform rules…

Ow! Ow! Oh, Miss! I’m sorry! Ow!

Photo from the delightful School Mistress Fantasy.


  1. Of course you're sorry...now.

    I must agree with Miss Harper on this one. Lose or poorly knotted ties, unbuttoned collar buttons, failure to make proper eye contact (or it's evil twin, STARING) are the gateway to anarchy. Delinquency is a disease, and as with any disease early detection is the key.

    Spanking is the cure.

    Whenever I see you from now on, Miss Penny, you will be obliged to bend over and touch your toes, so that I can confirm you are wearing your tight, snappy, bottom green knickers. And I will be fondle the gusset with great care, to make sure you haven't been daydreaming about one of your naughty stories in class.

  2. That's not fair! *stamps foot* I won't bend over and show you my knickers, and you can't make me!

    *crosses arms huffily*

  3. Of course I can make you. And if you don't do it voluntarily, I may well call on some of your grinning male classmates to "assist" you in assume the position.

    As for your bottle green knickers, be grateful you still have them on. After your paddling, I might decided to pin them up to my cork board as a sort of trophy, and send you back to class commando.

    Flip, are we? There will be no shortage mischievous lads trying to flip your skirt up in the hallways today, my bad little Penny!

  4. Penelope you did receive your big spanks from miss,love and spanks,timxx