Thursday, 29 March 2012

Away for a little bit

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be away from my blog for a few days as a family member is unwell. I'm sorry that I won't be able to reply to your comments for a while – thank you for each and every one.

Penny xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, Penny. And my best wishes for their quick recovery.

    We'll miss you.



  2. Speaking for all of America, our prayers are with you. Be strong and take all the time you need. Much love from the U.S.A
    -xoxo Nick

  3. Penelope,I do hope all will soon be well with your relation.
    Best wishes Kent

  4. Only just seen your message Penny and i wish all those concerned good health a speedy recovery.

    Corection Man.

  5. I hope things soon look up for you, Penelope. I did promise to be here and here I am.

  6. Hi all,

    I'm afraid that the situation isn't very good so I'm not going to be able to write a post for some time. I know you will understand but I wanted to say sorry for my quietness.

    Thank you all for your kind wishes – they mean a LOT. I wish I could give each of you a kiss, and snuggle on my Aunty Andrea's lap.

  7. Oh no... I was all set to come over here and give you a little spanking, but I think you have other things on your mind right now. I do hope everything works out. Keep up your spirits!

  8. Thank you, Julie - your kind wishes are much appreciated. And I'm doing my best to stay chipper! xx