Friday, 23 March 2012

Swaying to the kissing breeze

Never let it be said that I’m not a ditz. It was only after I bemoaned the lack of a day beginning with ‘P’ that I realised Penelope and Poetry began with the same letter and would make a perfect title for a poetry series.

And so, dunce’s cap once more firmly seated atop my head, I give you my latest ‘poetic’ effort (last limerick for a while, promise):

Penny’s Least Fav’rit Day

The morning that all schoolgirls fear:
Day one of a brand new school year.
Poor Penny cried “No!
I don’t want to go!”
But was dragged to her fate by the ear.


  1. Excellent. Can we have more, please.

  2. Thanks! The metre's all over the place, but I figure you can cheat a bit with limericks.

    I mean to write a more serious poem (in form and content) when time allows; no rhyming or anything (or at least no end-rhymes).

    But I'll keep the funny poems coming too!