Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Library hour

I’m sure many of you are already members, but it has just occurred to me that I should showcase (and recommend) a great web resource: The Library of Spanking Fiction. As you can see above, I was only recently introduced to it, and I'm really glad I was!

The site contains thousands of stories, by an enormous array of authors, with every conceivable taste catered for. There are even audio files of many of the stories. And it’s interactive, too: there are writing challenges, and a collaborative writing area, and a chatroom, and a discussion forum. Truly a spanko’s delight.

As with real-world libraries, you need to join to get access, but this is free – and you even get a cute little library card (mine is shown above). What a lovely, school-y touch :o)

Oh, and do remember, should you find yourself wandering the aisles, to check out the naughty tales of a certain imreadonly2


  1. My library shelf is filled of stories of big girls getting spanked for being bratty, and pretending to be something their not. Let me also commend to your attention THE MAGISTRATE & the stories of GOODGULF and BACK TO SCHOOL by DJ BLACK and BRITTANY'S WARM RETURN TO KENTMONT HIGH.

    Happy reading, class, and thanks, Penelope!

  2. This is indeed a wonderful library to spend time in. They don't even mind if you make a little noise while you're browsing.


  3. Be aware that they have some rules that creep up on you. They cancel your membership and don't tell you why. Regaining access is imposable. Reasons for blocking access include but are not limited to failure to comment, not taking time to read the story you opened, can't remember login name and password don't try to create a new one they'll block you for that. There are more but those are 3 I ran across reading the help desk.

    I'd like to gain access again but the wont answer mail so I've given up. Never before have I come across a site so quick to restrict access.