Friday, 9 March 2012

I'm not a brat! Not, not, not!

I love it when people are kind (or naughty) enough to comment on my scribblings. It makes me happy to think that people are interacting with my blog and it gives me a nice warm glow inside :o)

That said, one visitor in particular – namely that big, silly, mean old imreadonly2 – keeps interacting in a way that gives me quite a different sort of warm glow. He's always telling me off and spanking me and making me show him my knickers and subjecting me to all sorts of humiliating punishments.

It doesn't matter how many times I tell him I'm much too big for all those things and I'm not a brat and I don't want a spanking – he just calls me an impudent little madam and spanks me for throwing a tantrum! It's not fair!

I'm a grown woman, this is my blog, and I'm not going to stand for it. So, to imreadonly2 and everyone else who thinks I'm a brat in need of regular spankings...

Nyah nyah nyah! Raaasp! Silly old stinky-pants!

Hmf! That'll show 'em!


  1. That's it, stand up for yourself. Speak your mind. And if you end up getting spanked before bed every night of the week it will be a price worth paying...

  2. Yeah! :) That's right!

    er, I think...

    ...did you say spanked every night?


  3. Establishing routine is very important.

  4. I'm not sure I like the way this is going... I didn't think it would mean I got spanked even more :(

    Is it too late to say I didn't necessarily mean all the things I said? Like, um, 'silly old stinky-pants'?

    *smiles sweetly*

  5. Your behavior is not naughty, it is delinquent, and you are too old for such antics.

    You will NOT stand for it, you will BEND for it, over my desk, with your skirt raised and your knickers around your knees.

    And you will NOT be spanked; you will be caned.
    After the first 12, you may kneel down in front of me, and unzip my trousers, and attempt to prove your submission to male authority in the tme honored method appropriate to young women in their twenties sentenced to strict reformatory discipline.

    Afterwards, in the corner, you will stand in the corner with your tongue out, and my tribute drying on it, so you may taste humility, among other things.

    Mmmmm...yum! Still feel like throwing a tantrum? Because there's plenty more where that came from.

  6. Oh... b-but...


    I said he was a meanie... *pout*

  7. The good news is you can't pout when you're tounge is sticking out during corner time.

    Six more, then back on your knees for another dose, and to put your wagging tongue to it's proper use.

    A smaller load this time, as I had been saving up all week for you before, but I promise to deliver it with gusto.

  8. Yes, Sir :(


    (Mental note... from now on, stick your tongue out at him when he isn't looking)

  9. Good strategy. It might make things quite a bit less...distateful.

    PS: Did you spot the bottle of castor oil I picked up at the store this weekend? Perfect for coating a naughty girl's flicking tounge!

  10. imredyonly dont be rudeto penelope please.

  11. Penelope? Go to my room. wait..unh...I meant....*ponders this*

  12. :)

    Aww, you're so cute!

    I'll go to your room, as long as you promise to play with me x

  13. I'm never rude. I'm strict. And judging from her replies, I'm giving this little brat precisely what she needs (and wants).

  14. Yes, that's true - imreadonly2 is a very kind commenter who plays with me in my kinky little games :) it's okay, Anon :) (but thank you for your kind concern - I feel all loved) x

  15. I'm new to this blog-but you remind me a bit of the girl in willy wonka and the chocalate factory who stomps her feet and throws a tantrum-then the trapdoor opens under her and she falls to her doom. Actually-that would be great if there was a trapdoor button that could be pushed whenever you were acting all bratty. Then you would plunge down into a spanking dungeon of doom! Loved your use of the word "gulp" by the way. Do you know how to make a cartoony sounding gulp noise in real life?

  16. Welcome Nick, and thank you for writing :)

    The girl in Willy Wonka is called Veruca Salt; an archetypal brat and role model. I must be doing something right to be compared to her! Another heroine of mine is Violet Elizabeth Bott, a spoiled brat from a series of books called Just William. She is best known for the bratty threat "I'll thcream and thcream and thcream 'till I'm thick!"

    But anyway... you'd send poor little me down a trapdoor to a spanking dungeon? That's just mean! *stamps foot* You can't do that to me, so there! I'll thcream and thcream!

    (Oh, and yes, I can gulp with the best of them). xxx

  17. "oh-you'll thcream all right!" (snicker) -reaches hand over to trapdoor button-

    Along with the "gulp" sound effect I have a weird thing for hearing a girl glumly say "I'm doomed"- don't know what it is with me and all the cartoon cliche fetishes! But think about it, your being all bratty and stuff out in public and you get one of those "just wait till I get you home young lady!" sentences. Of course you meekly say "I-I'm sorry" -only to get a "oh not yet, but you will be!" response.
    suddeny you realize the weight of your situation. Your eyes get big as saucers -then the audible "gulp"-followed by a the sad resignation of "I'm dooomed"- nothing could be more adorable!

    one more cartoon cliche -and this one actually has it's own yahoo group believe it or not!-there is a fetish that exists for girls "getting the hook". I don't know if you are familiar with that phrase,but back in vaudeville days when performers were bad on stage, the audience would boo them and yell "get the hook!" and the manager would yank the poor performer off the stage with a big hook around their waist or neck! very humiliating, and they do it a lot in cartoons. I'd love to see a bratty girl get the hook someday.

  18. That's so funny! :D

    I have seen the hook used before but I didn't know what it was called. Nor that it was a fully-fledged fetish, come to that! Thanks for the lesson :o)

    I think I'd like to be a brat in your imagination – it sounds like fun! But oh so humiliating (cue nervous gulp)...

    And fear not, when I'm a rich, successful (naughty little) writer, I'll insist that a brat gets the hook in the movie adaptation of one of my stories. And another will of course whimper "I'm doomed" prior to a good spanking.

  19. one humiliation I've put a brat through was making it so she wasn't allowed to have coffee unless I aproved even though she was in her 20's. (But dressed like a little school girl of course!)-i would let her sip mine sometimes-then approved when she could have a full mug. of course she would always drink it anyway-then I would catch her by smelling her breath or walking in the room when she was drinking it- then she would gulp!
    There is another fetish thats popular about girls getting gunged or "slimed" as we call it in the U.S, -and there was this show that incorporated it back in the 80's called "You Can't Do That on Television" -you probably would have liked it-it wasn't very funny but there was a girl on it (she was really a 20 something actress playing a teen) called Christine, she would act like a bratty "know it all " on the show and always got humiliated- the joke was if a kid said "I don't know" they would get green slime dumped on their head as punishment -they must have tricked Christine into saying it at least one time every epsiode-then she would just stand there in abject humiliation as the green slime glopped down all over her! the other characters would laugh at her misfotune and sometimes she would even moan and groan as it slopped down on her! great stuff.
    come to think of it, I think that show inspired me to have a thing for dungeons-as they had characters chained up in a dungeon quite often.

    There was this brat one time I sternly lectured and I said "when you are being good you are like my little princess!-but when you act like this you are being a fool(you know-fool as in like a jester)-and you know what a king does to a fool who disapoints him?"
    her: w-what?
    me: he throws them in the dungeon of course!"
    her: gulp

    -sadly though i didn't have a real dungeon-just a dingy basement we would pretend was one.

  20. Oh, you're mean!

    And I like it. The control over a girl that you (and the girl!) enjoy really resonates with me – it's a massive turn-on. I'm in an ageplay place right now and it is so wonderful (best way I can describe it) to 'be' a little girl again, with a loving, but firm, Daddy figure to watch over me and keep me in line.

    You know, I get the sense that you enjoy humiliation. Girls being 'slimed', indeed! Sounds like a fun show: a bratty little know-it-all is given a messy, public and well-deserved comeuppance; her dignity and pride squashed in an instant. Lucky girl! :o)

    And dungeons and chains you say? Gulp! (Are you sure this was a kid's show?) But that sounds like a very effective threat when faced with bratty behaviour. "Keep it up, young lady, and I'll put you in the dungeon!"

    *Panic flashes across brat's face*

    "I'll be good, Daddy!"

  21. yes-and the trapdoor concept would come into play as well-though of course I couldn't build a real trapdoor-but if ever I could have built one ,it would have been located over the dungeon/basement- the fantasy would always be that the brat would be standing over a trapdoor ( sometimes by "'accident" in the role playing-but of course she would stand there on purpose in real life) when she said something bratty like "I should be old enough for coffee! I should I should!" -then -and this would ESPECIALLY be great if company was over
    !-I would put my hand on the trapdoor button and say "everyone Kat has been naughty and has got to go bye bye now!"-(kat was the brats name I used to sometimes play with-she had long blonde hair- kinda punky attitude -sometimes put srtipes in her hair -kinda Avril Lavigne type-)she would look terrified and gulp of course-and in some of the fantasies she'd still be holding the cup of coffee when I pushed the button, and it would fling up in the air and spill as she plunged down into the dungeon to her immenent doom.

    -but you haven't been a bad girl have you penelope? I'd hate to have to spoil my day by dooming you to the dungeon-(taps near trapdoor button) -you haven't done anything foolish have you? (you don't know wether or not I know that you have -which makes the scenario all the more delicious)

  22. oh and yes I love humiliation!especailly when I'm dishing it out-and would be very interested to know why you love suffering through it! (becuz you seem to luv it)

    I'm gonna try to link you some clips from "You Can't Do that on Televison" on youtube-the girl in the dungeon scene is of course far too young to find attractive in any kind of sexy way-but the concept of this scene affected me as a kid-I still envision chaining bratty girls on the dungeon wall and sliming them!

    here are some scenes with Christine-she is the older dark haired girl:

    ignore the scenes with the younger girls, but check out Christine-she has the curly black hair.she was my first crush as a kid! shows like this should be banned now cuz they warp young minds like mine!

  23. Haha! Whacky show, and whacky 80s style! And I like Christine; she's cute. I hope she was well paid!

    And don't worry, I've been a very very good girl today so no trapdoor button-pushing will be necessary. Nor any slime... *sploosh!* ...or water... *splash!* Waaah!

  24. As for the appeal of humiliation... that's something I mean to write about in more detail at some point. There are lots of kink-related things on that list, actually, but so little time. I'll have to give up sleep or something :/

  25. are you a fan of public humiliation like the pillory of the stocks? I think there should be girls schools where the naughty bratty girls get thrown into the pillory outside and caned in their undies and pelted with various things by their fellow students.and maybe tickeled or pied in the face! you know-when a girl sasses the teacher
    if I was a teacher at a place like that, I'd pillory any poor girl who made the mistake of asking the question "umm-sir, why is every class at this school about sex education?"
    "take her away!"
    negative reinforcement can go a long way in education!

  26. I also love begging -are you a skilled begger? when you get condemned to a spanking do you ever get down on your knees and plead with stuff like "no! not that! ANYTHING BUT THAT!" the begging really helps with the stripping away of the dignity-cuz then I have all the power-I can choose whether or not you face the painful consequences. (this is even more humiliating if done in public!)of course it's very hard to convince me not to dish out a punishment -doe eyes don't work on me-just makes you look like a deer in the headlights!

  27. Yes, I enjoy public humiliation, or at least the idea of it - I've been too shy to experience it for real so far. But the idea is fantastically hot.

    One scenario I recurringly imagine is being put into my school uniform and walked to a park for a private lesson: taught under a tree, Alice in Wonderland style. The prospect of a spanking and a good telling-off would be ever-present, of course. So my tutor's ire at my bratty misbehaviour would be entirely justified, as would his/her eventual administration of my punishment. As for me, the humiliation I would feel at being spanked so publicly would be extreme, and equally justified!

    I imagine being marched to a park bench, put over my tutor's knee, and spanked on the bare. When a group of real schoolchildren walk past and laugh at me, I blush redder than my spanked bottom! And all the sorry pleading in the world doesn't get me out of my predicament. (Yummy!)

    The stocks... yes, that could work too! I like the idea of an inescapable punishment position, and the stocks certainly tick that box.

  28. Re begging, I tend not to beg until after my punishment has begun - so I will beg and plead and say I'm sorry once I'm OTK with my buns being swatted, but prior to that moment I tend to argue and struggle and continue bratting.

    Because I want to get myself into as much trouble as possible, basically!

  29. I have to say I love your abbility to "gulp with the best of them" -there are girls I've talked to who claim not to know how to make that sound!
    What's your technique? do you just sort of strench your neck out a tad and swallow hard enough to make the sound louder and more cartoonish than a usual swallow? -and have you ever done a cartoony gulp in a real life situation to make your friends laugh-or perhaps durring a role play scenario when you know your punishment is inescapable?
    and if so did the disher of the punishment laugh at the gulp?

  30. Do you know, I've never thought about it! But sitting here now, gulping away to myself, I think I can say that my 'technique' involves tilting my chin downwards, swallowing hard and accompanying the swallow with a deliberate gulping sound. (Not sure how to describe where the sound comes from, though, sorry!)

    Hmm. That description probably qualifies as porn in some countries.

    And I have used an exaggerated gulp in order to amuse, (I do so like to amuse), but I don't think I've ever used one as part of kinky roleplay.

  31. Mm. Think I might have overdone the gulping a bit there.

  32. -I love that you like to amuse! you amuse me.
    do you remember any of the scenarios that you gulped in? perhaps did it as a reaction to something threatening? (I.E: teacher says theres going to be a big test-you look at your friends and gulp like a cartoon much to their amusement) I like to imagine the facial expression you use-is it wide eyed with mock-terror?
    I hope when you become a big time screenwriter of spanking films that you do one with some cartoonish gulps-test the actresses true acting skills!

    and what do you mean "overdone" the gulping? like you did it so much your throat hurts? or that yourexplanation of it was so hot that it could be considered "gulp porn?"

  33. and I like that you beg when your over the knee-what kind of things do you say "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! please! stop I'll be good daddy!"

    -and have you ever been dragged away kicking and fighting to a spanking? That would be kind of similar to getting the hook.

  34. I did make my throat hurt a bit, yes - but it's okay now :) I just gulped a lot of times to try to figure out how I was making the sound. Sorry if my explanation wasn't very good! I'd just never thought about it before.

    I find that my facial expression when gulping is more one of timid trepidation than "wide eyed with mock terror," though I guess that's really a matter of degree. As I tend to lower my head, I naturally look upward towards the object of my gulpage, so this makes me look (and feel) rather humble and/or fearful automatically.

  35. The things I say while being spanked vary a bit; it kind of depends on the scenario we're playing. When it's Daddy and little girl they're very much as you describe, i.e. a chastised little girl's words ("Please, Daddy! I'm sorry! I'll be good, I promise!"); when it's Master and maid they're far more sexual and demeaning, and tend to be things I'm 'made' to say ("Yes, Master! I am a naughty little slut and I deserve it!")

    But whatever the scenario I usually only start pleading after I've been spanked nice and hard for a good long while - until that point I often carry on bratting and answering back, which of course only makes things worse.

    And I do like to struggle a bit on my way to a spanking... but just a bit!

  36. what kind of outfit do you wear for a "master and slave" type scenario? ever get the leesh around the neck or princess leia slave gear stuff?
    -what's the most humiliating demeaning thing thats been done to you? (unless it's too private to share)

  37. and you said you gulp in order to amuse-I love how you said "object of my gulpage"-if the object of gulpage is a person-or something a person has said -do they get amused by your gulping and laugh? or are they just confused like "what the heck is she doing?"

  38. lol, it's like being on the couch! So many questions!

    Let's see. I have a French maid outfit, which is very short and petticoaty and frilly and bow-y, but apart from that slave Penny just tends to wear her underwear. Or nothing at all. I don't have a collar, so no leash action, but I do get tied up from time to time.

    The most demeaning thing ever done to me... hmm... I'll have to have a think about that!

  39. Oh, and the object of my gulpage is always amused by it, of course :o)

  40. Okay, I've thought about it (nothing is too private to share with my dear perverted readers) and I'd say that the most demeaning thing was being treated like a fucktoy. And I mean exactly like an unthinking, unfeeling, plastic piece of ass.

    My better half did everything to me - stripped me (violently, ripping my clothes), masturbated me, pinched me (nipples, ass), slapped me (face, tits, legs), bit me, beat me with a riding crop, threw me around, tied me up, held me down, pulled my hair, facefucked me, spanked me, gagged me (ballgag), tied me to the bed and fucked me really hard on all fours, came over my ass and left me bound and face down in the pillows. And the whole time he said mean things e.g. I was a worthless little whore, or a slut who had it coming, or of course just a little fucktoy!

  41. And I enjoyed it, I should probably mention!

    But at the same time I felt abject, powerless, wanton and used.

  42. I would love doing that to a girl-but then, leaving her crumpled used body on the floor -I'd love to casually push a trapdoor button and just dump her right through the floor-like I had used her up-was done with her- and then just throw her away like a kleenex.
    -for an example,look at this short scene from the old G.I Joe cartoon where the badguy casually dumps his girlfriend down a trapdoor. I would love to have that kind of technology!

  43. lol! That's awful! There she was, relaxing on the bed and eating grapes, and the next second - eeeeek!!

    It does make me wonder which furniture stores stock that kind of thing, though. Plus how the conversation with the store assistant would go!

    "I do like the trapdoor action on this one, but have you got any that are remote-controlled? I'm thinking a button on a big yellow panel, ideally."

  44. The kind of furniture store I shop at YOUNG LADY!-do not think for two seconds you UNGRATEFUL litte whore-that there isn't a trapdoor under you EVERYWHERE you go in this household! You even REMOTELY dissapoint me -I flip a switch-you get dumped down NEVER make fun of the clips I show u! Or u might end up in one!
    (haha kidding, but I like to play with u-u seem so cute!)

  45. (seperate thought from our main story-I DARE YOU to go out tommorow and "gulp" cartoony-like in front of someone , and tell me the scenario. It could be a lover, an emplorer, a friend-I don't give a shit-but I want u to gulp, tell me the scenario, and tell me how they reacted!If u don't I will punish u haha! luv ya)

  46. I am cute, it's true.

    And I do rather like the idea of being slavegirl to the ruthless criminal mastermind Nick; a helpless courtesan ever eager to please, for I know I am always just one button-push away from instant banishment to a dungeon.

    "I'm sorry I made fun of that GI Joe clip, Sir! Please don't punish me!"

    *throws herself at Nick's feet*

  47. ypu have failed me for the last time Penelope-(pushes trapdoor button)

    I'd like a report on your gulpage-let me know when you do it and the situation.

    also, I was thinking about Veruca Salt. Do you know what happens to her when she falls down the trapdoor?
    If we were dating in real life, and it was your birthday,for a present I would make a replica of the machine she jumps on -buy you an outfit that looks just like hers and let you jump up and down on it until it said "Rotten" or whatever-and dumps you. just to replicate the whole scene. i'm sure it would be like living out a fantasy for you.

  48. Poor me, sniff. But it was worth it to hear you say "you have failed me for the last time Penelope" - mmmm! :D

    And your birthday present idea is very sweet. (Sort of!) Being Veruca Salt (red dress and all, poised to get my comeuppance any moment) would be great fun, and I think I'd play that scene with you many times xx

    As for the real Miss Salt, I believe she falls down a garbage chute. Yuk!