Friday, 2 March 2012

Birthday girl

Hi sweeties and sorry for the quietness – I've had a bit of a jolly holiday myself and been out and about the last few days. One of those days, incidentally, was my birthday, and so of course I got a good, hard birthday spanking! It was given over the knee, on the bare with the spatula, and I got many more swats than my age because a) the postman knocked on the door right in the middle of it so we had to start over, and b) I bratted and talked back and earned myself lots of extras. Naughty Penny! But it was a lovely way to start the day, with a red, sore bottom. And I was on my very best behaviour for the rest of the day... more or less ;o)

I'll put up a proper post soon, promise. In the meantime, feel free to comment on what you would do with a brat in her jammies acting up over a spanking! x


  1. Happy birthday! I've been away too, but on work not holiday. No fun for ages, sadly, and Significant Other has volunteered to work this weekend. Boo!

  2. I imagine that must have been quite nerve-wracking, hearing a knock on the door in the middle of your spanking?

    Did he hear?

    Is your spanking going to ignore the knock, or just shout the dreaded words, "Door's open, come in!"


    Personally, I would have made you stand in the corner with your knickers at half mast while I chatted with the postman, asking him how his day was and if he'd "seen anything interesting on his route today," knowing that you were sweating it out just out of his sightline, inches away...

    Always a chance he might see...but then again at least he'll understand why you keep getting so many accessories from the school uniform supply company!

  3. Wah! Meanie!


    The knock on the door was a bit of a jolt, but then I probably should have expected it: postpeople in this country seem to have an inbuilt sense of timing that ensures they invariably call at the most inappropriate time.

    Luckily for me, the spanking was in the bedroom upstairs, so I was left on the bed, pyjama bottoms down, while BH went to get the door. I imagine a meanie like you would have led me downstairs, hmph! xx

  4. Yes, I would have led you downstairs, by your ear, with your hands ontop of your head. With your jammy-pants around your ankles, you would have stumbled some, but the combination of the pressure on your ear and the occasional sharp slap accross your bottom ("Ow! Owwww!") would have kept you moving briskly.

    When the door opened, and the postman saw you pants down, I think he might have debated the thesis that he had come at an "inappropriate time."

  5. Penny a belated happy birthday from ,tim,love and spanksxxx

  6. Thank you, Tim! xx